Kotor and Budva, Montenegro

August 6, 2010

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While in Dubrovnik, I took a one-day bus excursion to Montenegro. The particular excursion was called Montenegro Blue by the tour operator. We visited the Bay of Kotor and the Budva Riviera. It rained on our way there, which was ok as we were in the bus.

Pictures from the bus F001      F002

 F003      F004

F005 Across the bay from Kotor

Our first visit was to the islet of Our Lady of Škrpjel. Seafarers of the past, upon their safe return from a long voyage, used to throw a stone into the bay, thus creating an artificial islet over the centuries. This church was built upon all those stones.

It was still raining when we visited the islet.

F006      F007 On the boat

F008      F009

I didn’t pay too much attention to the religious aspects inside the church, as I find that I have seen so many Catholic churches in Europe, and they are so dark and depressing to me.

We returned to the mainland and had some free time to wander around in Kotor.

F010 At the center of town

F011 The Cathedral of St. Tryphon

As in most medieval cities, there was a wall around the town for defensive purposes. 

F012      F013

If you look closely, you can see the wall snaking up the side of the mountain.

F014     F015  

F016 Here I am at one of the entrances

F017 A typical narrow street

I visited the maritime museum during my free time, which I found very interesting.

We next went to the Budva Riviera, where the "rich and famous" folks go. Here we are on our way in the bus.


F019 There were lots of boats in the bay at Budva.

I went swimming at the beach which was of coarse sand and fine pebbles. I saw one woman sunning topless.

F020     F021  

We were told that 80% of the tourists to Montenegro were from Russia. Many of the signs around the towns were in both Montenegrin and Russian.

F022 Budva from the departure pier  

We took a ferry back to Kotor and boarded a bus to return us to Dubrovnik.

F023     F024

That's all for Montenegro.